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1/31/19 05:24 pm - Salutations.

Girl in Arizona / the process of creation / still trying to figure out the world's mysteries.

I just want to go on adventures and elope into the woodlands.

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Love everyone.

10/24/13 07:32 pm

I feel like I'm suffocating again.

4/25/10 04:16 pm - Bye, LiveJournal.

The clutter here has irked me to the extent of moving away. The multitude of advertisements induces subtle headaches that do not leave me to be in a swift fashion, and my aesthetically-pleasing-searching senses are not at home throughout LiveJournal. My blogging has moved.


Feel free to catch me through there for that is where I will be updating from here on forth. I may return here to sift through my Friend Page, but I feel like that will be the extent of it.


3/20/10 08:10 pm - A post-script separated:

K1000 ARRIVED. It's a beauty.

Love everyone.

3/20/10 07:32 pm - Sorry, LJ, I admit: I wrote this first on Tumblr.

Instead of taking the Valley Metro, I decided to walk home after the TYL event (which consisted of, but not limited to: health and wellness, workouts on chairs, touring the Y, walking down the canal, watching friends/people play pool, losing ten dollars, bus rides, medical centers, a human cadaver, flipping a human cadaver, touching a human cadaver, blood dissecting a human cadaver, touring the medical center's garden, learning about herbs, chewing lemongrass, holding a brain, holding a heart, feeling a lung, etc.).

I walked a total of approximately 4.7 miles, headed home. The last 1.2 miles I spent walking barefoot through roads and asphalt, concrete and sidewalk, and stones and grass. The total duration of my adventure, toute seule, (which includes my pit stop at Dairy Queen for an Oreo blizzard) ran approximately two hours.

Though my feet are in dull pain, it was satisfying.

Love everyone.

3/16/10 10:25 am - Parking Rendezvous [Day 013 full version]

Parking Rendezvous [Day 013 full version], originally uploaded by WHO IS MARION?.

3/14/10 01:00 am - Foreign.

I'm teaching myself French. I'm hoping by the end of this week, I will be pretty well into it.
Hopefully my language endeavour doesn't implicate my current Spanish run.

It's a shame that collegiate isn't going to work out, thus meaning I won't be taking Latin I as a junior/senior at the university.

I'm going to call it a night.
Love everyone.

3/13/10 11:44 pm - W&D.

I want to go on adventures and elope into the woodlands.

Love everyone.

2/14/10 01:19 am - Day 003 of 365: Makeshift

Day 003 of 365: Makeshift, originally uploaded by WHO IS MARION?.

Click to Flickr for more information and FULL VERSION.

/ Taken: 2010 01 03
/ Processed: 2010 02 13

Love everyone.

2/7/10 06:19 pm - Day 002 of 365: Sharpened Light

Day 002 of 365: Sharpened Light, originally uploaded by WHO IS MARION?.

Strolled in the kitchen to find two knives and natural light.

Captured: 2010 01 02
Processed: 2010 02 07

Follow Flickr link for more information!

Love everyone.

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